Study Shows Companies Will Spend More Money and Time on Email Marketing in 2016

Study Shows Companies Will Spend More Money and Time on Email Marketing in 2016

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

A 2016 Email Marketing Insights Study by Email on Acid, which was conducted in November 2015, shows email marketing efforts haven’t slowed down this year. In fact, 86.7 percent of companies reported they will increase email marketing budgets and 71.8 percent planned to spend more time on email production. The survey was conducted on over 3,500 adults, with 32 percent being developers and 25 percent marketers.


What’s even more interesting is out of those in a marketing role, 91.2 percent said they will spend more time on email marketing in 2016.

“The rise of new messaging technologies like Slack or HipChat started a debate about whether email is waning in importance and use,” said CEO of Email on Acid, John Thies. “We’re seeing the exact opposite. This survey confirms that email will remain a critical tactic to increase consumer engagement, sales and brand awareness. We aren’t surprised that companies are investing in strategic, thoughtful email marketing campaigns.”

Almost one third of those who participated in the study, or 30.6 percent, said they planned on spending 20 or more extra hours per month on their email marketing programs. 23.5 percent of those surveyed also said they will send emails more frequently, reporting they will send an average of more than 30 emails a month.

What these developers and marketers will be focusing on, the survey also found, is strategy development. The findings show 33.3 percent reported it has the biggest impact on their email marketing program.

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