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SmartBiz’s Keys To Online Success: Track More Than Open Rates

by Carl Weinschenk

A study recently released by GetResponse on email marketing offers two interesting tidbits. The first is that more than half of respondents don’t track their campaigns. The second is that a majority of those that do simply follow open rates.

Companies shouldn’t bother with email campaigns at all if they aren’t going to squeeze as much value as possible out of the results. It simply makes no sense not to track results.

Only tracking open rates isn’t much of a winner either. GetResponse says that in an effort to cut down on malware, viruses and other insidious Internet threats, email targets must download message elements from behind firewalls. The point is that simply opening an email is not nearly as good an indicator that the message was received as it was in the past.

There are two points here, one at macro and one at the micro level. The lower level point is that companies putting their time and effort into email marketing need to track such things as website visits and purchasing patterns, Get Response says.

The bigger point is simply that technical marketing is dynamic and changes rapidly. Companies that try to do it themselves– unless, of course, they have expertise on staff– are wasting their time and money.

Carl Weinschenk is the Editorial Director of SmartBiz.

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