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StreamSend provides a host of social media features that let businesses deliver their messages to the inbox and to The Great Social Beyond, where the sky is the limit as emails are automatically shared on Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter and followers can easily read, like, re-tweet and share businesses’ messages, maximizing delivery impact.

And no matter how far your email goes, no matter how deep it travels into network after network carrying your message, you can track it and bring the statistics home. You then build on those invaluable stats to email smarter and smarter, reaching progressively more subscribers with “socially intelligent” messages that keep driving better results.

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  • StreamSend Share App

    Make your shares work harder for you!

    StreamSend Share is a powerful social media sharing tool that you install in your browser toolbar to instantly start sharing your Pages, videos or photos to all your social media accounts.

    • From ONE SIMPLE INTERFACE you can share your favorite articles and images to TWITTER, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE +, PINTEREST and LINKEDIN.
    • SCHEDULE your posts ahead of time.
    • Posts can also be PINNED TO A BRAND BOARD, where people can share your pins and opt-in to your list — converting social engagement into email subscribers.
    • TRACK everything from one central location!
  •     Video email marketing can lift your conversion rate by 50%!

    Drag, Drop and Share Your Video.

    With StreamSend you can send a video email and your recipients will be able to watch it, share it to social media, forward it as an email, embed it on their web page, or opt in to your list. And you can track all video engagements from one central location.

  • Free Wall Tabs

    StreamSend’s Free Custom Wall Tab for Facebook pages let you automatically create and make a Facebook page in a single keystroke using the email templates from SteamSend’s library or with our easy-to-use editor to make a coupon, email newsletter, or offer. Multiple Fan pages and multiple wall tabs are supported.

  • Social Share Bar on Emails

    StreamSend’s Social Share Bar can be put on any email message automatically, letting you share your email messages on Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter. Your followers can easily read, like, re-tweet and share those messages, multiplying delivery performance while supplying delivery statistics every step of the way. These features unlock your opportunity to reach customers and prospects on a whole new level as recipients share valuable messages with their established relationships.

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