The Importance of Preview Text in Email Marketing

The Importance of Preview Text in Email Marketing

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Using preview text can make a big impact on your email marketing campaign and it’s a key step in crafting emails, which shouldn’t be skipped. By paying more attention to what your customers see in their email box even before opening the email, there’s a better chance at higher open rates. Since it’s often overlooked by email marketers, your preview text efforts will stand out above the rest and give you an even bigger shot at open rate success. By giving your customers a sneak peak of what they will find in the email you send them with preview text, they might want to open it based on how well the short message is constructed.

If you don’t create preview text, also referred to as a preheader, your email recipients will see the first line of the email you’ve crafted instead of a strategically thought out preview text line that will hopefully entice them to click. In some cases, alt tags and menus are displayed in the designated area where preview text would show up, which leads to email recipients seeing unnecessary coding in their inboxes. An example from Jango Mail can be seen below:


Preview text should appear right after the email’s subject line, which usually consists of 35-90 characters, depending on the email client. While Apple Mail displays 140 characters, some email clients don’t display any preview text. The safest route to take if you’re only sending one version out is to construct preview text with over 100 characters.

Try to use preview text as an opportunity to entice customers, so using a sale offer you’re currently running or finding a way to tie in your subject line and preview text so that it flows correctly will increase your chances at higher email open rates. Using an emoji in your preview text, just like using it in subject lines, is a fun way to entice customers to click too.