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Email tracking and email reporting

Email Tracking, Email Reporting, Email Monitoring - StreamSendOur StreamSend Email Marketing software includes programs that provide email tracking, email reporting and email monitoring.  Now, with our email reporting program, you can see the results of your online marketing campaigns in real-time. Plus, with email tracking, you can monitor email delivery to intended recipients, to make sure that all your email marketing campaign materials have been delivered according to your specifications. Utilizing the latest in email tracking technology, our software features a digital time-stamp to reveal exactly when your email was received and opened. In addition, you can track and flag invalid email addresses automatically.

You can strategically review all your email marketing campaigns with the help of our email reporting program. So simple, it allows you to track click-through performance in terms of the total number of clicks and click-throughs for all the links within your email. You can even select up to five campaigns to compare, and then monitor their progress over time. Plus, our domain tracking features allow you to view the statistics on the top 100 domains on your mailing list.

Email monitoring

With our email monitoring services, you can customize your email marketing campaign to increase its potential for success. Track your click-to-conversion results, analyze your return on investment, and get easy integration with Google Analytics. By reviewing the email tracking and reporting data available through Google Analytics, you can prepare better, more targeted email advertisements, strengthen marketing initiatives and increase your conversion click-through ratio.

For more information on our email marketing software that includes email tracking, reporting and monitoring, contact us at 877-439-4078, ext. 1.

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