Email Marketing Pros and Cons of Using Emojis in Subject Lines

Email Marketing Pros and Cons of Using Emojis in Subject Lines

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

We use emojis in our personal lives via text message and apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but the question remains: Is it a good idea to use them in our email marketing campaigns? The answer is both yes and no; the key is to use them sparingly.

There are a few factors that impact the effectiveness of using emojis in subject lines, such as what type of brand you are, who your email client is and what type of browser your recipients are using. With that, here are the pros and cons of using emojis in the subject lines of email marketing campaigns.


Stand out above the rest

If an email recipient is checking their email in the morning and see your email subject line with a flower emoji, for example, they might be more apt to click on your email before others. It’s a good way to set yourself apart from competition.

Fun, young and effective for certain brands

If you’re a trendy clothing brand or hip coffee chain, using emojis in your subject line might be more effective than a more serious brand. It’s a fun way to emphasize the lighthearted nature of certain brands and will speak to younger audiences who follow you.

Easy on the eyes

Let’s face it, a heart or a bright color isn’t tough to look at during a workday. Email recipients might appreciate a pick-me-up during a mundane weekday.


Differ amongst browsers

This is where using emojis in subject lines gets tricky. If your email recipient opens it in an iPhone, they will get the full color image of the emoji. However, if they open it up on a desktop in Outlook it will appear in grey scale.

Will make certain brands look less serious than they are

Emoji use in subject lines is not for every brand, and it will be a conscious brand decision to do so or not. For some brands, like a finance brand, using emojis will make you look less serious and might contradict your goals as a brand.

Might lose appeal

Brands might see good results using emojis in subject lines initially, but those good results might fade out if used too often. If it’s a brand decision to use emojis in subject lines, it’s best to use the emojis sparingly. Using them about every four emails or so should do the trick and to good effect.