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Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing 101 - StreamSendStreamSend provides a permission-based email marketing suite offering marketing solutions to marketers, entrepreneurs and online retailers around the world. The cost effective and comprehensive program can be tailored to meet your specific marketing needs and will ensure an increase in the deliverability and effectiveness of your emails. This program was developed by marketers to help marketers, bringing you impeccable service as well as increased profits.

Email advertising

Email Advertising can certainly help your business but it isn’t as easy as you may think. Let StreamSend provide you with the tools to create an effective and profitable email advertising campaign that suits your company’s specific needs.

Email campaigns

Use the StreamSend Marketing Suite to create an email campaign that will successfully fit the needs of your client base. Keep in touch with your clients, alert them to upcoming sales and events or branch out to new markets.

Internet marketing campaign

With state of the art software and templates, StreamSend can help your company create an internet marketing campaign that will efficiently create advertising strategies as well as document data to track your results.

Email marketing software

StreamSend not only provides email marketing software that is easy to use, customizable, and highly effective, we also offer a talented support staff that is available every step of the way!

Email marketing

Email Marketing is only successful when done correctly! With features that include list software and email templates, StreamSend makes creating an email marketing campaign easy.

Bulk email marketing

StreamSend can make your bulk email marketing more effective by expanding your reach to new clients, keeping your new clients updated or selectively sending out bulk emails to select lists.

Email newsletter

Keep your current clients informed of your latest products and services by sending regular email newsletters with StreamSend.

HTML email

Tailored specifically to meet your company’s needs, StreamSend’s HTML Email software provides you with the tools to create effective newsletters, ensuring that your clients receive all your time-sensitive information.

Internet marketing

StreamSend uses the latest technology to provide you with the software to create an effective Internet Marketing campaign that includes the creation and distribution of email newsletters, email marketing list management, bulk email marketing and document templates.

Opt-in emails

StreamSend has the tools to create opt-in emails that enable your customers to tell you that they like your products and services.

Email compliance

Stay current with all the latest email compliance regulations with StreamSend.

Return Path safelist

With StreamSend and Return Path Safelist, you can ensure that your emails get delivered to your clients’ inbox, not their junk mail folders!

Return Path tools

By partnering with Return Path, StreamSend can offer you the Return Path tools that will help increase and monitor the deliverability of your emails.

Marketing resources

StreamSend offers the marketing resources and publications to answer any of your marketing needs.

Email marketing blog

Get the very latest news from StreamSend’s email marketing blog.

Email autoresponders

StreamSend’s autoresponders feature creates automatic answers to emails sent to it, and has the ability to provide information to prospective customers immediately as well as follow-up at preset time intervals.