Combining Social Media with Email Marketing: 4 Ways to Do It

Combining Social Media with Email Marketing: 4 Ways to Do It

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Both email marketing and social media marketing are tried and true ways to promote your business, but combining the two will give an extra boost to your marketing campaign. There are several easy ways to integrate social engagement with email marketing, creating a cross-platform approach to marketing that will hopefully translate into increased profits.

Upload Email Subscriber List to Link with Social Media Networks

The way to do this will be different across platforms, but uploading your email subscriber list to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ will be beneficial to your overall marketing campaign. Brand recognition is a good reason to do this, giving your customers the opportunity to put a name to a face. It also gives you as a company the opportunity to track your followers’ interests, therefore adjusting your mailings to fit their needs.

Don’t Forget All Sharing Icons

By placing sharing icons in your email blasts, it will save you time and energy and give your customer an easy way to share your content. Most companies make sure to include the big platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but don’t forget to include an icon to share via email. There are plenty of customers who would rather share through email so it’s best not to disregard them.

Give Incentive to Share

Companies can tailor the incentives to however they feel comfortable, but offering a reward for sharing will increase your chances that they will do it. Offer a discount code, a free item or a couple of more entries to a contest you’re running. Whichever you choose, both you and your customer will benefit.

Make Social Networks Do the Work

Not only is it useful to combine social engagement and email marketing, making social media do the work for your email marketing campaign is even better. Since subscribers to certain Facebook or LinkedIn groups will get emails through the group when it’s active, creating a group for people you want to target can allow you to sneak into their inboxes without having to use your email list.