Building An Email Marketing Contact List Like a Pro

Building An Email Marketing Contact List Like a Pro

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Email marketers’ contact lists are arguably one of the most important factors in email marketing campaigns, since the people on the list are who gets to see the message that was so thoughtfully put together. With that said, building an email marketing list correctly is a main component in successful email marketing. It’s worth it to invest your time in crafting the perfect email contact list because who’s seeing your emails matters. Below are some tips to build a contact list like a pro.

Quality, not quantity

The key is to build a list full of customers who are interested, not just blindly sending your emails to those who will ignore them. Why bother making a quality email campaign if it will end up in the dark hole of the internet instead of in the hands of paying customers?

Engagement first

First engage with a customer one-on-one, either in person or online, then ask them if they would like to sign up for your email newsletter or be added to your email marketing list. If they had a positive experience they’re likely to say yes.

Sign-up sheet next to checkout

In-store or in-office, place a sign-up sheet next to the register when your customers are checking out so that they can stay up to date on sales or new updates to the business. Reiterate they will get exclusive content and insider deals if they join.

Include sign-up on social media pages

Just like in person, make sure to include a link to sign up for your email newsletters on your social media pages like Twitter and Facebook. Place it in the bio so they can easily access it and avoid a lengthy sign-up process.

Email signature link

Include a link to subscribe to your email contact list in your email signature, again, giving customers easy access to sign up.