Visuals Like Colors and Fonts Still Matter in Email Marketing

Visuals Like Colors and Fonts Still Matter

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Visuals are such an integral part of our everyday lives whether we notice it or not – street signs, television commercials, brochures and more factor into the way we receive a certain message. This is why email design is still important when it comes to email marketing campaigns.

Keeping in mind the target audience and ideals of your company are key factors here. Your email marketing campaign should still look professional while putting its best foot forwards in terms of fonts and colors. Using hard data like what visuals appeal to certain demographics should be something to consider when constructing your email marketing campaign.

Colors can subconsciously elicit a lot of feelings and emotions in your consumers. Certain colors might trigger a memory and each color is unique in its association. For example, color psychology data from Kissimetrics suggests yellow should be used for window shoppers, blue evokes the emotion of trust, green is easiest on the eyes and red gives off the vibe of high energy. Colors are also helpful in your marketing campaign because customers associate certain colors or color combinations with brands.

Just like there is hard data for color association, research has also been done on fonts and how successful each one can be in your campaign. It might seem like there are endless options of fonts available today, so choosing the right one proves to be even more difficult. It’s safe to use one or two types of fonts to keep your email clean and readable, but adding italics or bold can help in spicing it up. The size of fonts also matters in email marketing campaigns if you take mobile readers into consideration; they need to be able to read it on their smaller screens too.

Your template should be professional but exciting, and striking a balance between the two can be tricky if you’re not an email design expert. The aforementioned colors and fonts play a big part in your template because using the wrong ones can take it from professional to sloppy and the latter is never a good route to take in email marketing campaigns.