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3 Reasons to Add Video Content to Email Blasts

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Customers receive dozens of email blasts a day from a variety of companies. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them a break from the normal routine and get your point across, all at the same time? Try adding video content to your email marketing campaign. By sending your message through video content, it allows customers a new and refreshing way to interact with you. Once your customers get used to getting email blasts with videos in them, they will be more likely to open your email. Here are three reasons for adding video content to your email marketing campaign.

Get a Leg up on the Competition: Most of your competitors are still sending email blasts that are 3-5 paragraphs long. No customer wants to read a dissertation during an email blast. Video content is a great way to get your point across in an energizing, upbeat way. So, while your competition is busy being spammed with their wordy sale pitch, your customers are enjoying your easy, breezy video.

Why Stop at Email Blasts: Go above and beyond when designing your video content by sharing it on your social media platforms. This is a major boost to your email marketing routine. Make sure to add a subscribe feature after your video, so customers can join your email blast list, if they are viewing your email through social media.

Video Content Helps Your Optimization: By sharing your video content on your website, through social media, and in email blasts, you are driving your search engine optimization. Simply put, by using your business links in your video content and sharing them through social media platforms (as well as in email blasts), search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing will help keep you ranked higher than your competition.

If you would like more information on how to improve your email marketing campaign through video content, contact us today.

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