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Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Creating an email blast is completely an art, and like many art forms, technique truly does matter. We have a few tips that will help you dramatically improve your email marketing campaign. Simply, add some of these pointers to your next email blasts for an improved email marketing strategy.

Create a membership group: Everyone wants to feel like they are part of the elite, and creating a membership group allows your customers the sense that they are a part of something prestigious. By asking subscribers to your email list, you can offer them exclusive promotions and company information that they normally would not receive. The cost of membership is listing their email address.

Gather feedback: Keeping an open line of communication between you and your customers is crucial. Customers are typically very open in expressing what they need from a company. Sending a periodical email blast asking your customers how they genuinely feel about a new product or service is a great way to increase customer interaction.

A little personalization goes a long way: Your email subscribers are inundated with emails that constantly ask something from them. Imagine the refreshing surprise a personalized email would give your customer. You can send Happy Birthday or Anniversary emails. Maybe your customer reached their 6-month membership with your email marketing campaign, a little congratulatory discount would make a nice touch.

Make Conversation: This may seem simple, but it will profoundly improve your customer interaction. It is not uncommon for subscribers to see an email blast as nothing more than an impersonal, computer-generated marketing tactic. By initiating a small conversation via email blast is a great way to get your social media buzzing. Share a quick thought via email blast, and express to your subscribers that you are interested to hear what they have to say. Encourage subscribers to share their thoughts with you on your Facebook or Twitter company page.

When planning an email marketing campaign, take the time to implement these tips to your email marketing strategy for an impressive response. Keep in mind that if you are just going to shoot out one email blast after the other only trying to get customers to purchase something, you will not make it far. Subscribers enjoy feeling as though they are a part of your network. The email strategy ideas about are designed to help you build customer loyalty. For more information about creating an email marketing campaign, visit our website today, or call us at: 877-439-4078, ext. 1.

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