Tips for Email Marketing Etiquette

Tips for Email Marketing Etiquette

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

It may be a no-brainer to some, but there are rules of the road in email marketing campaign etiquette that are crucial when constructing a major (or minor) email blast. Grammar is always important, but making sure content is as clear as possible is another element to keeping your email copy clean. Here are a few guidelines for email marketing campaigns that should be essential to consider:

Spell Check Is Your Friend
It’s easy to lose credibility when a word isn’t spelled correctly, so take the extra step and double check the email blast’s spelling. You won’t regret it. The most important part of double checking spelling is being certain any personal or business names are being spelled correctly as well.

Recipient List
Make sure those who are receiving email blasts are signed up for it. If a subscriber has only indicated they want to receive emails from your company in one section of the business, don’t cross over and assume they want emails from each facet of the company. On the same token, if they have unsubscribed, remove them from the list in a timely fashion to sustain integrity of your brand.

Plain Text
Be as inclusive as possible when it comes to email marketing campaigns. While email blasts with photos and videos can be visually pleasing, some may not want or know how to open emails with the extras. By offering a plain text option, everyone is satisfied.

We’re all prone to mistakes: it’s human nature. As carefully as you might think you constructed your email marketing campaign, an error might be burying itself within your content. Send a test to at least a couple of people before a major campaign goes out – you’re better safe than sorry.