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Three Ways to Grow Your Social Media

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Social media offers great potential to market your business. In fact, every email marketing campaign should include a social media strategy. Social media should not be utilized haphazardly, and like every great marketing approach, you must make sure you are using this technique wisely. Here are three ways to grow your social media following.

Familiarize followers to your business: Making your followers aware of your business and its products is a crucial part of social media. Share blogs, product information and even business-related accomplishments on social media. Increase the traffic to your website by linking your blogs to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Allow your followers to get to know you: Thanks to the internet’s information gathering capabilities, customers are becoming increasingly educated about the companies they do business with. You want to appeal to educated consumers by allowing them to know your business well, and the best way to establish this connection is to share it through social media. You can post your company’s mission statement, product information and more on social media, to foster this relationship with followers. Social media platforms also allow followers to reach out to businesses on a one-on-one level. If a follower has a specific question that they either message to your company or post to your company’s page, respond back to them in a timely, professional, and personal manner.

Create a far reach: Share valuable and engaging content on your social media platforms. This includes product information, business practices and community involvement. The more engaging the content, the more likely you are to generate followers. By generating followers, you are also creating a buzz on search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. This kind of stir will only increase your overall search engine optimization rankings, and allow your overall email marketing strategy to thrive.

StreamSend Share is easy-to-use social media software that allows you to streamline your email marketing campaign and sync it with your social media strategy. Our email marketing campaign software is user-friendly and ideal for the busy business owner. For more information on expanding your social media reach and strengthening your email marketing campaign, contact us at 1-877-439-4078.

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