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Social Media Strategy for a Small Business

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

If you want to promote and network your small business, social media is the way to go. Developing a social media strategy for a small business is not nearly as time consuming as you may imagine. Here are some tips to design a social media strategy that will help your small business be noticed.

Use social media platforms to sell your products: Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow you to post a brief description of your products and add a link directly to your product page or directly to the item. This is just another great way to increase sales and gain the attention of new customers.

Social media can increase your reach: Twitter and Facebook advertising ads are a great way to get your company noticed. Be sure to add follower tabs for all your social media platforms to each page of your website. This will help build followers for your social media strategy and increase traffic to your website.

Increase your small business support: Buyers love to feel educated about the products and businesses they rely on. Social media is a great way to share your small business goals and your mission. This allows customers to become familiar with your products, as well as your business. Consumers are the most loyal to businesses that foster shared beliefs.

Help educate customers: Part of your social media strategy should be to help educate consumers. Educating customers through social media is easier than you may think. Simply post informative blogs, press releases and articles pertaining to the products and services you provide. If you really want to expand your reach, promote blogs and articles that are on your website. This will help drive traffic to the products and services available at your website.

Social media can really help market your small business, if you harness all of its potential. StreamSend offers a program that can effortlessly streamline your social media marketing campaign. For more information on creating a social media strategy for a small business, contact StreamSend today at 1-877-439-4078, ext. 1.

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