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Social Media for Business

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Social media for business is your greatest ally when it comes to gaining more customers. The key is to develop a social media strategy that works well for you. Here are some social media tips to help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Community Matters: It is important to develop a sense of community for your social media followers. Followers want a sense of belonging, so make sure your content is designed towards community. This will help increase follower interaction, and entice customers to buy through your company.

Quality Content, Not Quantity: The key to staying fresh in a customer’s mind is not bombarding them with useless content. In fact, posting too often can easily deter followers, or worse, they will remove you from their newsfeed all together. The key is to post quality content that educates and informs your followers.

Create a Balance: Your content should be a healthy balance of information. Include videos and images that apply to your products or services. This will help keep followers from getting bored with your content. The key to balancing content is to allow your followers to know what to expect from your posts, without being overly predictable.

Use What Works Well: If you find that your followers are interested in particular content that you are posting, you should implement posts similar to those that most interest followers, just make sure that you space them out. So, if your analytics reports a rise in interaction, keep that content in mind, refresh the content and post it again at a later date.

Social media for business is a wonderful marketing tool that can be used to gain the recognition you want for your products or services. StreamSend offers social media integration that allows you to seamlessly track, post and engage with customers. For more information on our social media strategies, contact us today at 1-877-439-4078, ext. 1.

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