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Private Label Solutions for Email Marketing

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Create your very own email marketing and social media platform through StreamSend’s Private Label option. This private label solution offers agencies and resellers the ability to fully white label their email marketing campaign. Here are just a few ways our Private Label feature can help your business reach the next level.

StreamSend’s Private Label Solution allows you to customize our platform with your brand’s logo and your own customized URL. So, when your clients log into their accounts, they will see your logo and your URL, not those of StreamSend. This makes for a far more professional interaction between your business and your clients. This kind of attention to detail will allow your clients to trust your website, and see your content as more authentic.

Our mobile-optimized templates allow you to upload your own designs or offer clients a combination of both! This Private Label Solution account offers you a template library that is fully customizable. You have the option to determine which, if any, StreamSend mobile-optimized templates you would like to include in your client template library. Customize them, or you can upload your own designs. In addition to our customizable templates, you also have the ability to offer different clients different templates.

Our Private Label Solution software also offers smart message delivery options to help you streamline your email marketing campaign. This feature allows you to create a campaign and have it sent to deliver via email blast, through social media and the web. Our software can also create triggered emails, retargeting of videos in email blast form and much more.

Best of all, your Private Label Solution account comes with a dedicated, assigned account manager who, based on your goals and the business model you would like to implement, guides you in setting up your account. Your account manager does not just disappear once your Private Label is set up: your manager is available to you for ongoing support throughout your email marketing campaign. If you would like more information about our Private Label Solution feature, contact us today.

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