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Physicians and Email Marketing

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Perhaps no business is as dependent on word-of-mouth as health care. Physicians, in particular, build their practices by relying on the recommendations of satisfied patients who tell others about their positive experience at the doctor’s office.

Still, an old-fashioned referral does not nearly guarantee a physician will secure a new patient these days. The availability of information at the fingertips of patients today has made them much more proactive and inquisitive in their search for doctors, who must go to greater lengths to get and retain patients than they might have even a generation ago. So what’s the next step for physicians? Email marketing! Here are five reasons why the email marketing of physicians is a vital component for doctors around the country:

1.) The email marketing software necessary for these types of programs allows physicians to deliver a personalized and customized message that patients will receive in the fashion with which they are comfortable. Each message can include the patient’s name in the subject and in the salutary greeting. And each message is delivered in an unobtrusive fashion—unlike “snail” mail, people enjoy getting email! Such deft touches will go a long way toward ensuring the email is opened and absorbed by the person to whom it is sent.

2.) Email marketing of physicians allows them to provide potential patients with an interactive and “all-in-one” idea of what the practice encompasses. Not only can essential information such as office hours and contact information be given prominent placing, but email marketing software allows videos to be embedded and viewed. A visit to the doctor fills just about everyone with trepidation. But a video that shows the doctor at work and includes testimonials from patients pleased with the treatment they received will go a long way towards soothing any concerns.

3.) The email marketing of physicians is simple to begin and inexpensive to implement and manage. It can be started with a receptionist asking those who call the office to provide their email address and inviting those who visit the office to jot down their email on a clipboard. In addition, the email marketing software is very affordable and can be handled by anyone with computer experience. There’s no need for a doctor to stretch his or her budget to embark upon this campaign.

4.) The software also makes it easy to forward messages on to other people. In other words, the email marketing of physicians can serve as the 21st century version of word-of-mouth! If a patient is happy with the treatment he or she received, and knows a family member or friend who is searching for a physician, he or she can just send the message along. This saves time—which is essential if someone is feeling sick and wants an appointment—and maximizes efficiency, since there’s no need to worry that something will be misunderstood during a phone call.

5.) Patients will now be just a click away from their doctor at all times. Whether patients need to get in touch over an emergency, just seek clarification or make a routine appointment, they no longer have to scramble for an old appointment card or look up the doctor’s phone number online or in the phone book. A quick search of the patient’s email will unearth the information needed.

The email marketing of physicians will certainly do wonders for building and enhancing the doctor-patient relationship. Consider purchasing the necessary software today!

Dan Forootan is the President of EZ Publishing. The firm specializes in helping businesses harness the power of the Internet for marketing and to automate business processes. In addition to custom web applications, EZ Publishing offers permission–based email marketing via StreamSend, a leading provider of easy, affordable and dependable email marketing software for creating, sending and tracking email newsletter and other campaigns.

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