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Improve Your Subject Line & Improve Your Email Marketing

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Most subscribers judge an email blast entirely on the subject line. Even though a subject line is a small part of the message to your customers, it plays an essential role in the success of your email marketing strategy. Here are some ways you can improve your email’s subject lines.

Short & Sweet: Try to keep your subject line for email blasts as short as possible. Remember, the key is to entice the subscriber to read more, so be sure to keep the subject line short and concise.

A Touch of Personalization: Some personalization goes a long way these days. When you are designing your subject line, be sure to add the person’s first name to the email blast. Not only is this eye-catching for the subscriber, but it conveys a message that the person matters to you as an individual.

Create Urgency: A subject line that creates urgency makes it hard for subscribers to pass up an email blast. Subscribers receive so many email blasts in a day that they triage which email to read first. By creating a sense of urgency in your subject line, you are more likely to increase your email blast open rate.

Geographically Target Subscribers: Using subject lines that are local to the subscriber is another great email marketing strategy. Many customers enjoy shopping locally, and if you can add a local area to the subject line, you are more likely to increase your open rate.

StreamSend offers an email marketing program that can help you design the ideal email blast, and ensure successful open rates. Our email marketing software allows you to seamlessly run an email marketing campaign, post to various social media platforms all at the same time, and even add personalization for each customer. Learn more about StreamSend programming for email marketing here.

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