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How Email Marketing Can Help Piano Stores

Most people want a piano in their house. At the very least, it’s a great conversation starter that provides a bit of elegance to the room in which it is placed. It can also inspire some impromptu entertainment during parties—especially those around the holidays—and motivate parents to send their children to piano lessons.

But if you want a piano, where do you go? After all, you can’t just go to Target or WalMart and get one! Email marketing for piano stores is a pivotal method of promotion for these establishments, which rely on word of mouth—both virtual and old-fashioned—to remain in business. Here are four reasons why for piano stores, an email marketing plan is a must for everyone involved!

1.) The email marketing software ( is inexpensive to purchase and easy to operate.
Most piano stores are operating on a pretty thin budget—especially during trying economic times in which many families are delaying the purchase of a piano, if not forgetting about it altogether. Fortunately, the software required to implement email marketing for piano stores is quite affordable. Better yet, it’s even more affordable once it is actually implemented and successfully helping to attract customers. Anyone with computer experience can manage the software and the email marketing plan—there’s no need to hire additional staff.

2.) Email marketing for piano stores contains modern day amenities no other type of marketing can match.
It is entirely too easy to ignore most types of marketing and advertising. Newspaper readership is declining drastically, and the remaining readers are conditioned to flip right past any advertisements. And the remote control and buttons on the car radio, of course, were invented for skipping over commercials in those mediums. However, email marketing messages are not only sent directly to an inbox, but the email marketing software is easy to customize, which means senders can tailor it so that the name of each recipient is in the subject heading and salutary greeting. Better yet…

3.) …these amenities include social media.
Not only does email marketing software make it easy to forward the entire body of the email to someone else—think of it as the modern version of word of mouth—it also provides the opportunity to share it via social media. The number of people using social media to find out news and information increases by the second. Why not tap into this potential audience by allowing the message to be shared on Twitter, Facebook and other outlets?

4.) Email marketing ( for piano stores is interactive!

The software does a lot more than provide customization and social media options! It also allows those sending the messages to embed video within the message. There’s no better way of reassuring people they are making a sound investment than by showing the store in action. Capture footage of the pianos for sale and of shoppers tinkling the ivories as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. Email marketing is a must for any piano store—look into it today!

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