Gmail Ads: Is This New Marketing Format Worth Trying?

Gmail Ads: Is This New Marketing Format Worth Trying?

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Gmail ads are pretty new to the digital marketing arena after Google saw the opportunity to target their almost 1 billion active users. They were first called Gmail Sponsored Promotions and they evolved to Gmail ads, which only appear in the Promotions tab, but how does it work and is it effective?

Gmail ads are delivered to users’ inboxes without advertisers having to send an actual email. The ads show up like this:

The ads are comprised of two steps – first they show up like the image above and a user can then click to expand, which will show up in the format each advertiser chooses. The teaser above has a limit of 25 characters and a text headline limit of 100 characters for the body.

Users are targeted by keywords that are already in their Gmail inbox, which means the ads are from a company they might already be loyal to. This way, advertisers can target the domains of your competitors or current email subscribers.

Google’s policy is that advertisers pay for clicks on the collapsed ad as shown above and if the user expands your ad and clicks around on your website, it’s free. Gmail ads are not yet compatible with in-market audiences targeting, remarketing lists or posts to anything other than Gmail inboxes. Gmail also allows you to measure the amount of email saves and forwards on these ads, so it’s an interesting opportunity to see how your users interact with ads outside of just clicking.

In all, Gmail ads are definitely worth trying but there’s some progress to be made when it comes to restrictions. Since email marketing has been deemed the most effective form of digital marketing, Gmail ads capitalizes on that value. If you want to reach people where they spend a lot of time, invest in a Gmail ad campaign.