Email Is the Most Effective Digital Marketing Tool, Survey Says

Email Marketing Is the Most Effective Digital Marketing Tool, Survey Says

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing


A survey completed by Ascend 2 and its Paid Research Partners in March 2016 shows that email is the most effective digital marketing tactic among the 275 marketing professionals who participated in the study. Email was measured against other marketing tactics like the use of website, SEO, social media, paid search, mobile and display ads, and the survey found that 61% of this group of marketers consider it their main marketing network.

The survey also measured the most difficult tactics, which placed email the fifth most difficult to execute out of seven categories, which shows the channel might benefit from its lack of difficulty.

In second place, the use of a company’s website wasn’t too far behind at 59%. This isn’t too surprising, since a company’s websites is their main internet footprint. It’s the mecca of their online presence, so to speak, which puts the pressure on making sure the look is right and it’s functional at the same time.

SEO came in third in this study with 50% of marketers participating saying it’s their primary channel, but it’s also the second most difficult channel to execute at 45%. The difficulty lies in the constant change in algorithm, misinformation from search engines and many other complications.

Social media follows at 41% of those surveyed calling it the most effective, with paid search following at 34% and mobile and display ads as the last two at 13% and 11%, respectively.

When it comes to the marketing channels that these marketing professionals called the most difficult to use, social media is No. 1 at 50%. There are many reasons social media is considered difficult to execute; with the time it takes to create a successful social media campaign, budget and the amount of people it takes among the factors. The least difficult marketing channel to use was determined as the website at 18%.