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Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Email marketing is a powerful way to help your business gain momentum to reach the next level, and help keep you there. The key is developing an email strategy that is solid enough to help your business grow. Here are some email marketing tips you are going to want to implement into your business’s marketing routine.

Segment your list: Categorize your list so you are sending relevant information to customers. The more a customer does not feel drawn to an email blast, the more likely they will ignore your promotions and information in the future.

Get to know your customers: A brief email survey attached to a promotional offering is a great way to gauge your customers’ demands. Remember to keep your email marketing survey short and sweet; if the customer begins to feel like this is the Inquisition, they will be less likely to participate.

A solid call to action: Getting into the practice of creating a strong call to action is sure to increase the success to your overall email marketing strategy. The essence of creating a strong call to action is making a compelling push requesting your customers take part in your offer, not demand their participation.

Share your achievements: If you only use sale promotions in your email marketing strategy, your customers will eventually become conditioned to your strategy, which will lead to a drop in open rates. Share some current events about your company, your employees’ achievements, and try to keep your content fresh and slightly less predictable.

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