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Email Marketing for a Small Business

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Email marketing is a wonderful way to reach new customers, while maintaining your already-established customer base. Email marketing allows you to accentuate one of the best features of your small business, which is personalization. Here are some tips on email marketing for a small business.

Send an Initial Greeting: A welcome email is a great way to provide subscribers with what they signed up for when they joined your email marketing list. A quick recap on the email blast subjects that interest them most and an exclusive offer are a great place to start.

Make It Easy to Subscribe: Although you want to gather as much information as possible on your email marketing subscribe form, do not get too carried away. A lengthy email marketing sign-up page could deter followers.

Understand Spam: Implementing an email marketing strategy is exciting, but before you begin writing content and sending out emails, you should fully understand what is considered spam. You want to make sure your email blast makes it to your subscribers, and understanding spam is a critical part of your email open rate

Keep Track of Your Email Marketing: The best email marketing strategy offers a balance between the frequency of email blasts and content. Keeping track of your email blasts and the nature of your content on a calendar is important. Make sure you take a look at your calendar and plan accordingly before you send out blasts for an email marketing campaign, so you don’t inundate readers with multiple messages in a short period of time.

Mobile Friendly: Make sure your email marketing campaign is mobile-friendly. A majority of subscribers are on the go when they are opening your email blast, so it is imperative that your email marketing campaign conform to a mobile-friendly format.

Along with our tips on email marketing for a small business, StreamSend offers email marketing programs that allow you to run a seamless campaign for both social media and email marketing. For more information on our email marketing options, contact us today at 1-877-439-4078, ext. 1

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