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Email Marketing for Personal Shoppers

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

The end of the year is a good time for personal shoppers. Whether clients need food to be picked up for holiday dinners, or someone to take care of their Christmas shopping, personal shoppers can generate a lot of business as the calendar turns to December.

The task once the New Year hits, of course, is how to turn those new customers into repeat customers. Fortunately for personal shoppers, they can lay the groundwork for future business while introducing themselves to newcomers with an email marketing campaign!

Promotion is always a challenge for personal shoppers and email marketing is both a cost-effective and efficient way of spreading the word and building the business. The profit margin is thin for personal shoppers, but email marketing software is inexpensive to purchase and set up. And once it is set up, anyone with a modicum of computer experience can maintain and manage it. There’s no need to spend hard-earned funds on finding someone to handle the email marketing for personal shoppers.

The best part about personal shoppers and email marketing is that the marketing campaign can begin before the software is purchased. A personal shopper can simply collect email addresses and let clients know that email is the best way to stay in touch and to set up an appointment. Independent contractors such as personal shoppers have traditionally used business cards as a means of passing along their contact information, but business cards are easily lost, damaged, misplaced or thrown away. There’s no need to worry about any of that happening to an email address once it is inputted into the database!

Time is money for everyone, but especially for personal shoppers. Any spare minutes or hours can be spent on the job and shopping for clients, which makes it essential that marketing efforts be as easy and efficient as possible. Inputting the email addresses—both initially and well after the program has begun—can be done quickly and easily.

A personal shopper’s email marketing program is doubly effective because the personal shopper will often end up getting the email address of a client’s family member—i.e. the son or daughter of a senior citizen who is the one coordinating a shopping trip for his or her elder. Regular emails assure that the personal shopper remains on the mind of the contact person and will make it far more likely that the personal shopper gets this repeat business.

Email marketing for personal shoppers also helps to find new clients. The emails are easily forwarded and contain the logo and contact information for the personal shopper, so a satisfied customer can send it along to a friend or family member who needs a personal shopper. Think of personal shoppers and email marketing as word of mouth for the Internet age.

The relationship between personal shoppers and email marketing is a mutually satisfactory one. Personal shoppers who embark upon an email marketing project will soon wonder how they lived without it!

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