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Email Marketing for Acupuncturists

Acupuncture is a treatment that just about everyone would like to try, if only they knew where to find it. Let’s face it: most “traditional” doctors aren’t all that eager to direct patients to an acupuncturist!

The good news is that’s not an insurmountable hurdle for acupuncturists or for their potential patients. With email marketing for acupuncturists, there is a way for both parties to circumvent traditional methods of advertising and marketing and still connect with one another. Here are four reasons why purchasing email marketing software and beginning an acupuncturist’s email marketing plan is a fruitful idea for everyone!

1.) Email marketing for acupuncturists is inexpensive!
Most acupuncturists are operating on a lean budget and don’t have the money to place ads in the newspaper or purchase air time on local television or radio stations. However, the email marketing software ( needed to embark upon this more modern method of advertising is affordable for anyone. The affordability is enhanced by how easy it is to operate the software. Anyone at the office, whether it’s the acupuncturist or a staff member with a modicum of computer knowledge can implement and manage the email marketing campaign.

2.) There is a direct and repeatable impact to email marketing for acupuncturists that other means cannot match.
Most newspaper ads are either unseen by the reader or ignored. And most television viewers or radio listeners immediately change the channel as soon as a commercial comes on. But an email delivered straight to an inbox is far more likely to be read and noticed. Better yet, the customization options on the software allow the sender to enhance the message to make it more attractive to the recipient. Each message can be personalized in the subject heading and salutary greeting. It can also easily be forwarded along, which makes email marketing for acupuncturists the 21st century version of word of mouth!

3.) Enhanced interactivity encourages interaction with recipients
There’s truly no limit to what an acupuncturist can do with email marketing! Not only can he or she place his or her contact information, office hours and directions in the body of the email, but each message can also contain embedded video. Nothing will encourage people to visit an acupuncturist more than video that shows the acupuncture working. Best of all, these videos can be viewed right in the body of the message—no need to click on it and watch it in a new window or cut and paste a URL.

4.) Share it via social media!
The exploding popularity of social media has made it easier to share efforts in email marketing ( for acupuncturists with an entire customer base. A simple click on a message will allow someone to share it via Twitter, Facebook or any number of other mediums. Including social media sharing features in the body of an email further helps the acupuncturist, too, as it reflects a cutting edge mentality that patients want to see. Email marketing software is the best investment an acupuncturist can make in his or her business—do it today!

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