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Improving Your Email Blast Open Rate

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

An email marketing campaign is a wonderful way to reach out to your customers. Email blasts are easy to design, with StreamSend’s email marketing templates, and they allow for quick, concise information to be transmitted from your business to your clients. But, how can you be sure your customers are even opening your email blasts? If your email blast open rate isn’t what it should be, or you want be proactive about your email marketing campaign, then we have some important pointers for you. Here are some simple ways to increase your email blast open rate.

Fix Your “from” Fields: “from” fields, such as from email address or from name fields can raise many suspicions. Most of the time, senders do not pay attention to this field, and many email marketing software programs have a default feature set up for the “from” fields. If your default is set up to a personal email address, or you’re using a nickname in the “from name” section, it is likely that the recipients’ email spam filter or your customer assumes it is junk mail. Make sure your “from” fields all read the name of your business.

Beef up Your Subject Line: A strong subject line is extremely important in order to increase your email blast open rate. Since your customers are deciding which emails to open and which to mass delete, everything hangs on the bit of information provided in your subject line. No pressure, right? Using a question in your subject line may help interest your customer to keep reading. A teaser subject line is a great way to draw readers into reading more. A straightforward announcement works well, too, just say what you mean quickly, and get to the point. You can always elaborate more in your email blast.

Be Consistent: Choosing the right time of day is important. In the beginning of your email marketing campaign, test the waters to find when your email blasts are opened most. Once you determine your highest email blast open rate, stick to it. It’s important to make sure you are sending email blasts during respectable hours, so if you’re going to send emails in the morning or in the evening, keep in mind that people have email notifications that link to their phone.

Find out What Your Customers Want: At the end of each email blast and certainly on your unsubscribe page, you should ask a quick 1-3 question survey to find out what your customers are interested in reading. This will help you better tailor your email blasts to the right readers.

Encourage Signing Up: Attach your email marketing sign up links, along with your social media links in every email blast. In the event that a customer sends the email blast over to friends, they can easily click to sign up, and join your social media page.

If you would like more information on tailoring your email marketing campaign to have a higher email blast open rate, contact us today.

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