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Email Blast Deliverability

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Ensuring the deliverability of a subscriber’s opt-in email campaign is becoming more challenging these days. Your email campaign is subscriber-based, and you have the permission of your customers to keep them updated through informative email blasts, but spam filters are still blocking your emails. There is a strong likelihood that your email campaign may be misclassified, and triggering spam filters, which is causing your email blast not to be successfully delivered. Here are some ways to maximize your email marketing campaign deliverability.

Formatting Trouble: Most all email blasts are formatted in HTML, which allows you to send a wide variety of content, images, links and videos. While adding images and links helps to keep your reader’s interested in your overall email blast, many spam filters may misclassify your email campaign. Unfortunately, while links and videos help keep your content light, they can also cause you to be flagged by many of the spam filters out in cyber space. Our best suggestion is to try and balance your content between images and videos, and to use clean text in order to ensure deliverability.

Choosing Content: Selecting content for your email blast is an extremely delicate situation. Words and phrases are one of the quickest ways to get your email campaign spammed by spam filters. One tip in avoiding the spam filter web is try not to complicate words by adding extra characters or odd spellings. Another crucial mistake is bolding or italicizing words in your content, and you certainly want to avoid using type in all capitalization as much as possible.

Website URLS: Be careful when using links in your content. Website URLs are often flagged or reported by former subscribers, and that will blacklist a website’s URL. If you unknowingly add a blacklisted URL link to your email blast, your emails will never make it past spam filters. Spam filters are able to quickly identify website URLs and will automatically spam your email campaign.

Attachments: Many business owners like to attach additional information to their email blast; in doing so, this will almost certainly cause your email campaign to be spammed. Viruses are most often times sent through email attachments, thus making it likely that your email blast will be seen as a security threat. For the sake of avoiding spam filters, do not include attachments to your email blast. A great alternative to including an attachment would be to construct a well-written Call to Action paragraph to entice subscribers to visit your website and learn more about your business.

Finding the right balance to maximize your email blast delivery requires a strategy. The professionals at StreamSend can assist you in building a successful email marketing campaign to help minimize blacklisting and avoid spam filters. For more information on making your email campaign deliverable, call us today at 1-877-439-4078.

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