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Disc Jockeys and Email Marketing

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

We’ve all been sitting at a traffic light and waiting for it to change when our gaze absentmindedly shifts to the telephone pole on the side of the street. Affixed to it is a small sign—perhaps even a handwritten one—advertising the services of a local disc jockey who is eager to provide the musical entertainment at your next big event, whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, a graduation party or some kind of corporate get-together.

You probably admired the wherewithal of the disc jockey—it can’t be a whole lot of fun tacking signs to telephone poles—but what were the odds you jotted down his or her information and kept it in a handy place for the next time you needed a disc jockey? Not good. And that’s not good news for disc jockeys.

Fortunately, there is a way to better advertising for disc jockeys – and email marketing is it! Indeed, there aren’t many better occupations better suited to an email marketing campaign than that of disc jockeys, who have continued to rely on rudimentary advertising methods and word-of-mouth even in these most modern of ages.

Email marketing for disc jockeys is as essential as it is easy to produce and manage, plus it will boost visibility for every type of DJ. While most disc jockeys own an impressive variety of records, compact discs and iPod playlists suitable for any audience, the truth is that not just one marketing method will work for all disc jockeys—except email marketing. For DJs of all types, a sound email marketing strategy will generate and retain new business while also spreading their names to a wide variety of audiences.

For instance, a DJ may play an underground rave party one night and a wedding the next day. Rarely will those two types of clientele interact, but email marketing software allows the disc jockey to tap into both worlds with a minimal amount of effort and investment.

Email marketing for disc jockeys begins with the simple act of collecting email addresses at the DJ booth. Having an email address is about the one thing partygoers at a rave and older people at a wedding have in common! The beauty of email marketing software is that it allows for easy optimization of messages. So the disc jockey doesn’t have to worry about losing all his target audiences with an ineffective generic message. The “ravers” don’t have to worry about getting emails about weddings and vice versa!

Email marketing for disc jockeys is also very inexpensive and quite manageable by just one person—major points for disc jockeys that often live paycheck to paycheck. Plus, email marketing software fits into any budget and can be updated in just a few minutes of down time, which of course is all most DJs have!

Disc jockeys shouldn’t have to rely on driving around and affixing signs to telephone poles to advertise themselves. Email marketing for disc jockeys will pay plenty of dividends and do a much better job of establishing a business in the community than any traditional method!

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