7 Bad Habits of Email Marketing to Avoid

7 Bad Habits of Email Marketing to Avoid

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Email marketing isn’t as straightforward as getting a message from sender to receiver, there are bad habits to stay away from. The last thing an email marketer wants to do is turn off their customer and cause them to unsubscribe, and adapting one of these bad habits will likely make them want to do just that. The quality of your email marketing campaign will go a long way, so while it might be tempting to subscribe to one of these bad habits for instant gratification, keep in mind the long-term goals of your company.
Not Segmenting

It’s a mistake not to use segmentation in your email marketing campaign, which has been found to improve campaigns by 50 percent. Sending personalized messages to different demographics is important, so don’t alienate customers by sending them non-relevant emails.

Sending to Non-Subscribers

It might seem like a good idea to send your latest announcement or newsletter to every person you met at a recent event or convention, but sending messages to those who didn’t ask for it can backfire. Remember the quality over quantity approach and only send to those who have shown interest in hearing from you.

Not Sending Tests

It’s as simple as this: sending out tests before blasting your email list can catch mistakes. Image sizes, broken links or even typos are something every company should do their best to avoid and testing your mailings will decrease your chances of that happening.

Poor Quality

Quality content combined with a professional and well-made design will do wonders for your email marketing campaign. Getting into the bad habit of sending out poor quality content in a mediocre design template will make your customers believe the overall quality of your brand is slipping.

Too Many Emails

Inundating your customers’ inboxes with emails is a bad habit to steer clear of. When your customers hear from you, it should be important and catch their attention. If they hear from you too often, you become the boy who cried wolf.

Bad Subject Lines

Not only will a bad subject line cause your customer to ignore the email altogether, but it could get it sent to the spam folder.

Difficult to Find Unsubscribe Button

Customers are not happy with email campaigns that make it difficult to unsubscribe from. If you place the unsubscribe link somewhere that is impossible to find, you risk the chance of damaging your reputation.