4 Ways to Use Snapchat in Digital Marketing

4 Ways to Use Snapchat in Digital Marketing

By Dan Forootan, President of EZ Publishing

Snapchat has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the most used social media platforms, but there is a misconception that it can’t be used in digital marketing. As Snapchat continues to grow, brands are joining left and right to utilize this innovative marketing tool. Since Snapchat’s premise relies on a unique design that lets posts “disappear” after views, this platform forces its users to pay close attention to the message. Below are four examples of how digital marketers can use Snapchat to their advantage.

Private Events
The real-time aspect of Snapchat is attractive, so use it to let potential consumers in on any events your company is putting on; whether it’s a product launch, anniversary event or charity event your company is involved in. It will get customers more involved and interested in your company as a whole, which keeps you fresh in their minds.

Behind The Scenes Content/Sneak Peeks
Maybe you’re a clothing company shooting a lookbook, or your office is throwing a birthday party for an employee – anything that goes on within your organization can be shared with customers to show how your company culture differentiates from competitors. Perhaps send a behind the scenes look at a creative meeting or post a sneak peek of what’s to come to let customers feel like they’re part of the process.

Influencer Partnerships
This is a good opportunity to grow your audience. If a celebrity is out of the question, find someone with a strong Snapchat or social media following in general, and have them take over your account for a week. The goal will be to take some of their followers with you and expand your reach.

Contests and Promotions
Set up a contest or promotion using Snapchat, which is pretty straightforward with every social media platform. The only difference is with Snapchat you would play up their unique platform.